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The Sassy Slut is my Lifestyle persona. For the past few years I have chosen to live her life whenever my husband desires. Which means that because my husband liked me to fuck VERY well hung black men, I did. All the time. This is because I have one sexual passion in life: pleasing my husband. I am his. I am classy and sassy. I am a Slut. I am his Sassy Slut.

I enjoy being shared sexually. Sometimes that means I enjoy being fucked by other people. But sometimes it means I enjoy other people engaging with my philosophical and intellectual journey through my approach to ethical non-monogamy. To facilitate that particular aspect of being shared, I have created this substack publishing space.

My substack contains my free blog most weeks because I like reaching lots of people and sharing my thoughts and adventures. I like knowing you get off on me, well… erm, getting off.

It also contains elements that are free for now but which will become subscription only pages later. For instance, Sassy’s Sexual Journal which is a detailed explicit recount of some of my play dates; my magazine Hotwife Life, which is the high quality glossy magazine that all of the intelligentsia of the Lifestyle want to read; it will also serialize my unique The Sassy Slut’s Style Guide which is every woman’s guide on how to be a Sassy Slut from posture and walk to dressing, shoes and accessories. This is created with my husband as he dresses me completely and I am (in this sense only) his Bimbo doll (this may also appeal to couples who want their men to control their women’s appearance and behaviour); and it will contain two strands of instructional content for a) those men that want to live under my Sassy’s Obedience Classes for Cuckolds instruction and b) for those women that want to be trained as Disciples of the Sassy Slut.

All of that just emphasizes how I see my journey. You all know that I am an intellectual and that creativity is important to me, as is being part of an affirming and caring community. Often that is hard to find in life and, oddly, even harder here in The Lifestyle, where many people seek only transitory, shallow fucks to satisfy their horn. The Sassy Slut’s World is not that. I am relational, and my journey reflects that need to connect, discuss, empathize, share. It may reduce my circle of fellow journeymen and women, but the ones I retain have the depth and values that I admire and enjoy. I hope that my substack base will be a great community hub for like minded promiscuous people.

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Sassy Slut

One of the world's most popular Lifestyle playmates, I have thousands of followers from around the world on SDC, Kasidie and Tumblr that read about and enjoy my prolific promiscuity.